#5 – Getting ready to move from equipment to end-to-end solution provider

#5 – Getting ready to move from equipment to end-to-end solution provider

Common technological building blocks

In order to act for smarter living ecosystems, we pool our technological expertise to develop devices and solutions that meet the concrete needs of our customers.

Thanks to our “one-stop-shopvalue proposition from design to manufacturing and our in-depth knowledge of critical applications in the markets we serve, we are developing synergies within the Group that integrate both our technological know-how and our industrial expertise

We put the expertise of our three complementary activities together to be able to deploy common technological building blocks that ensure: 

    • Substantial savings on our devices and technological solutions development costs
    • A sharp acceleration in the launch of products developed for our markets 
    • The support of our customers in the development of their electronic devices and solutions that leverage our pre-designed platforms to generate higher value-added solutions according to their needs. 

Based on this deployment logic, we set up our new IIoT platform, LX CONNECT.

LX CONNECT was developed to meet the challenges pertaining to the cybersecurity of smart city infrastructures, for example in water supply, and improves the management of network telemetry systems through optimization and automation

This year, the centralisation platform has been deployed to several clients in the water and energy markets, operating through our Environment activity

Eventually, LX CONNECT will also be available to smart lighting (public lighting) and smart traffic (traffic management and V2X) operators to automate cybersecurity and simplify the management of smart road infrastructures.

End-to-end solutions for specific applications

LACROIX works in several markets with the same ambition to become a world leader in industrial IoT solutions and electronic devices for critical applications.

To achieve this, we are developing a unique positioning, combining turnkey supply of our industrial IoT offers with the markets we address. 

The Electronics activity, backbone of the Group, gives us the ability to offer design and manufacturing capabilities tailored to our markets. 

This R&D and industrial expertise is at the service of our customers, who also benefit from the technologies and innovations that we integrate into our own devices and solutions through the City and Environment activities

In 2022, LACROIX has also begun developing its “smart techexpertise, through its cloud and smart data service offers, integrated into complete industrial solutions to optimize and digitize its customers’ activities. 

The company is thus beginning its transition from a technology device manufacturer to a solution provider.

This momentum will become more concrete in 2023, with the ambition to create even more value for customers, and the release of new offers designed and manufactured by LACROIX.

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