#1 – Developing our technological leadership | LACROIX - 2022

#1 – Developing our technological leadership

Strengthening our Innovation and R&D capabilities

There are several value-creating levers at our disposal: 

    • Synergies through shared, connected and cyber-secured technology platforms. We mobilise our areas of expertise around 3 key programmes: “Low power computing platform” and “Edge computing platform” in local data acquisition and actions, as well as “Cloud computing platform” in remote data management
    • Matching market segments based on our understanding and mastery of our customers’ use cases
    • Integrating new technologies through strategic partnerships and collaborative projects

This year, our innovations and expertise, particularly in the field of AI for environmental issues, were rewarded.

Smart AI water Leak

The “Smart AI water Leak & 1nomaly detectionproject won the “Cannes Neurons Awards” at the WAICF (World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival) in the “Sustainable AI” category. 

Smart AI water leak & 1nomaly detection“, carried out by our Innovation Lab for Nevers Agglomération, uses Artificial Intelligence to :

    • significantly save water resources,
    • reduce the waste of drinking water,
    • improve the efficiency of the operational maintenance of the water network,
    • by minimizing soil denaturation, non-renewable energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Smart Water Network

Smart Water Network, another project using Artificial Intelligence, was also nominated “Innovation with a positive impact for Brittany and society in general” during the Breton Economic Forum.  

Supported by Bpifrance and developed in partnership with the Technological Research Institute b-com, Smart Water Network could represent a potential savings lever of around €1 billion on unbilled, but treated, lost water in France.

Deployed between 2022 and 2024, a test of the solution is underway in the Breton urban area of Lannion-Trégor Communauté.

Strengthening our innovation and R&D capabilities (2020-2025):


Increase our R&D investments


R&D engineers


of new products revenue (with a LACROIX design)

Leveraging strategic partnerships to accelerate our access to technology

Software République & Mobilize PowerBox®

At the Mondial de l’Auto 2022, Software République (an open innovation ecosystem including Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics and Thales) presented a connected and secure bidirectional charging station demonstrator called “Mobilize PowerBox®” for electric vehicles intended for private individuals and professionals.

As one of the project stakeholder, we will start manufacturing the charging station in our French factory Symbiose.

In collaboration with Mobilize, the Renault Group brand dedicated to new mobility, the products in the “Mobilize PowerBox®” range will be marketed during 2023

5G Green Mobility 

The “5G Green Mobility” project, involving the use of 5G for smart and sustainable cities, has also been selected as part of the French government’s France Relance call for proposals.

Supported by the start-up Waltr, the operator Alsatis and LACROIX, this new air quality diagnostic aims to reduce the pollution emitted by vehicles.

It is operated via smart traffic management, using a set of IoT devices to propose and monitor in real time different anti-pollution strategies within the city. 

The 5G Green Mobility project demonstrates the ability of 5G and advanced technology solutions to work in favour of the needs voiced by the citizens regarding the improvement of the quality of life and the reduction of the pollution in urban areas. 

tiko and IoT Continuum 

Launched last year, the IoT Continuum offer, based on a partnership between Orange, Sierra Wireless, STMicroelectronics and LACROIX, is working with tiko, a subsidiary of Engie, to design, produce and deploy devices that remotely control electric radiators in order to optimize home heating.

A total of 800,000 connected devices will be produced at Symbiose

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