#3 - Leverage strategic geographical positions | LACROIX - 2022

#3 – Leverage strategic geographical positions

Domestic markets with local presence

In 2022, we asserted our position as the leading provider of smart grid management solutions in Germany.

In June, SAE-IT Systems celebrated with Wesernetz Bremerhaven the completion of the “Intelligent local grid” project in the northern city of Bremerhaven.  

The aim was to replace the obsolete technologies of the city of Bremerhaven and to equip it with LACROIX remote control systems for the monitoring and operational management of the gas, water, district heating and electricity networks. 

The integration of North America

At the beginning of 2022, we acquired Firstronic, now LACROIX Electronics North America.

One year later, as a result of the successful integration of the Juarez and Grand Rapids teams, LACROIX was nominated EMS Company of the Year 2022 by Circuits Assembly magazine.

We are the 2nd French company to receive this award, and it further validates our strategy. 

LACROIX was also awarded the “Service Excellence Awards 2022” for best overall customer rating among EMS with a revenue of over 500 million euros.

This meaningful award is further evidence that our customer satisfaction has remained high since the acquisition. 

The development of our subsidiaries and international markets

In 2022, we continued to build on the relationship between LACROIX and our customers through the development of our international subsidiaries.

Major contracts have been signed for 2023, including the modernisation of the smart street lighting infrastructure of the Flemish region of Belgium and the city of Oslo, via the City activity

In Spain, 2022 was a year of intense construction and integration work with municipalities.

These connections are essential to further the national networking and the synergy dynamics between our activities. 

LACROIX’s City activity is the first European manufacturer to obtain the international ISO/ TS 22163 certification for the passenger information signs range, under the IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard).

In practical, this certification is part of a Quality Management System (QMS) approach for all those involved in the railway supply chain (suppliers, integrators and operators) who carry out design and development, production and maintenance activities.

Finally, LACROIX, operating through its City activity, has installed 20 radar speed signs for the Provincial Council of Tarragona throughout the local road network of the province.

These connected intelligence radars will be used to raise awareness and improve driver safety on the busiest and most dangerous roads.

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