#2 – Stepping up our Industry 4.0 leadership | LACROIX - 2022

#2 – Stepping up our Industry 4.0 leadership

For continuous performance improvement

LACROIX’s ambition is to work towards a more efficient, but more importantly, more responsible industry, based on digital transformation and the use of AI and IoT.

Symbiose, the electronic assembly plant of the future

In 2022, our teams moved to the new factory in Beaupréau-en-Mauges. During the move, which took place over 9 weeks, business was maintained without any significant impact on the production line. 

By focusing on digitization and automation, Symbiose has targeted high-volume production needs for printed circuit boards or highly-complex boards.

This has resulted in a reduced production time while maintaining the same number of operators.

Exotec’s Skypod robots have increased productivity by 33% compared to the previous warehouses and have increased storage space by 50% thanks to the double racks.

The Totec storage cabinet allows for real-time monitoring of components and management of small moisture-sensitive components. 

Thanks to this cobotisation (human-robot collaboration),  heavy tasks, such as handling, have been eliminated.

This has enabled us to position employees on higher value-added assignments. 

Reindustrialisation, the french way

Europe is seeking to strengthen its competitiveness against Asia by improving its industrial performance.

To do so the France Relance recovery plan supports the reindustrialisation of our factories and the development of our industrial competitiveness.

The opening of our Symbiose plant in Maine-et-Loire is an illustration of how Industry 4.0 is gaining momentum in France. 

Meanwhile, at the beginning of 2022, Vincent Bedouin joined the ministerial steering committee for electronics and robotics as part of the France 2030 plan, in order to represent a world-leading French industry

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